Last Chance: Get A FREE Shake Shack Burger

Shake Shack

Shake Shack sells my favorite fast-casual burger out there. They also have other tasty menu items like chicken sandwiches, cheese fries, shakes and more.

What’s better than Shake Shack one might ask? In my opinion, the only thing that beats Shake Sack is… FREE Shake Shack!

Last month I wrote about a way to get a FREE Shake Shack burger for a limited time.

The offer is coming to an end with the last day to claim your free Shack burger being Tuesday, February 28.

I didn’t realize it in my initial post but a reader pointed out to me (in the comments) that this offer is only good for those of us using iOS (iPhone). I suppose if you have an iPad you could download the app there too.

To get a free burger all you have to do is: (from Shack)

  1. Download the Shack App on the iOS App Store
  2. Create an account
  3. Apply promo code “shackappy” at checkout
  4. Pick up a complimentary ShackBurger at your local Shack

If you have a Shake Shack close to home (or work) and us iOS, there’s no reason not to take advantage of this offer.

Kim and I both used the offer a couple of weeks back. Here is one annoying thing that I noticed about ordering through the app. When we ordered through the Shack App, the order didn’t have pick-up times closer than 30 minutes. If you plan to order your meal through the app, make sure to plan accordingly.

Did you get a free ShackBurger? I hope you did!

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