IFE Injures Toddler’s Finger, Qantas Being Sued

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Last month I wrote about how Qantas was being sued for $74 due to a broken IFE.

For those of you unsure of the term IFE, it’s the In-Flight Entertainment system that helps us get through a flight.

It seems that Qantas isn’t doing well when it comes to their IFEs. Now the airline is being sued by a family who’s toddler was injured by an IFE during a flight.

According to FOX News, the little “boy reportedly lost part of his pinky finger due to a faulty in-flight entertainment unit“. The incident took place on January 14 when the Dela Cruz family was flying home to Sydney from Manila, Philippines.

Here are some details about what allegedly took place.

Around an hour and a half into the flight, the IFE fell off of the seat onto the two- year old boy’s pinky. At the time his (left) hand was resting on the armrest. The trauma left a deep wound on the finger.

With six hours left to the flight, the family asked that the plane be turned around so little Cameron could get medical treatment at a hospital. However, “the captain denied the request“.

A surgeon onboard bandaged the injured finger which helped to stop the bleeding.

FOX mentions how the claim “states that the toddler had suffered a permanent disability that might impair his ability to earn income in the future“. It also states that “Under the Montreal Convention, Cameron is entitled up to about $150,000– about AUD $200,000“.

Qantas hasn’t responded yet but a spokesman said that the captain informed MedLink of the situation. Since the boy was in stable condition, they said it would be best to fly to Sydney.

I’m curious to find out how much money the family is suing for. I also wonder if the boy’s finger would be in better shape had the plane turned around, getting him to a hospital for treatment in a more timely fashion.

Find out more from FOX News here.

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