Most Expensive Cup of Coffee in US Now Sold in NYC

cup of coffee
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Do you start off your day with a cup of coffee?

I never got into coffee and still don’t really understand why there needs to be a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts on just about every street corner in NYC. (Maybe it’s the public bathrooms which we can use!)

There are many other coffee shops around the city but one of them has a new distinction.

A new coffee shop, located in Industry City in Sunset Park, Brooklyn  now sells the most expensive cup of coffee in the entire United States of America.

The shop, Extraction Lab is the “the headquarters of Alpha Dominche, the company behind the ultra-fancy “steampunk” machine“, according to Eater NY. The machine is described as a something like a French press and a beer tap, controlled by an iPad.

The shop has an $18 cup of coffee available for purchase which now beats the $16 coffee in San Francisco for priciest in the country.

There isn’t any mention of what makes this cup of coffee so pricey. No truffles or gold leaf added I assume…

Considering I don’t drink coffee,  I can not imagine what would cause someone to consider ordering such an astronomically priced cup of Joe. Do you?

4 thoughts on “Most Expensive Cup of Coffee in US Now Sold in NYC

  1. This $18 cup is a Panama Gesha variety. That’s not all that absurd considering how much those coffee beans cost due to rarity and demand.

    My local coffee shop in Denver charges $12 for a cup of Panama Gesha.

  2. B- Do you mean Copi Luwak? Interesting…

    Tony- Good point- I did think about the bar/ club drink comparison… Regardless, $18 for a coffee does sound absurd!

  3. It’s funny because most people won’t bat an eye at a $18 cocktail, but an $18 cup of coffee is outrageous, even though the cocktail probably has a way lower cost

  4. This isn’t the most expensive. I’ve paid $60 for a cup of coffee at this restaurant Herbfarm in Woodinville (WA), since it was the cat poop coffee beans coffee.

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