A Saved By The Bell Pop-Up Restaurant Will Tour the Country

saved by the bell
image: Saved By The Max

Saved By The Bell was a very popular show and it still has a big following today. The show aired from 1989-1993 and can still be found airing in reruns today.

One of the main places that the show took place was at a the local diner/ hangout called The Max. Grub Street wrote about a recreation of The Max in Chicago in the form of a pop-up diner called Saved By The Max!

Saved By The Max has been very popular with reservation being needed to grab one of the sought after tables.

Grub Street mentions how Saved By The Max “announced it’s departing the Windy City for a cross-country tour“. The info was shared in a Tweet which included a video from Mr. Belding, principal at Bayside High in Saved By The Bell!

It hasn’t yet been announced where Saved By The Max will end up next but the pop-up restaurant will be spending one more semester in Chicago. That means it should be open there until May.

I’d love to see the pop-up make its way to the New York City area. As a fan of the show, I’d definitely want to pay a visit once to check it out.

Would you like to see the Saved By The Bell inspired pop-up show up in your city? If so, they’d like to know. You can let the folks running Saved By The Max where you’d like to see their diner pop-up by responding to their Tweet here.

If you’re interested in finding out more details about Saved By The Max, you can check out their site here.

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