Going Away Over the Holidays? Let Santa Know Where You’ll Be!


Christmas is less than a week away and it seems like shoppers are hitting the stores hard this year.

I recently wrote about a way to Track Santa’s Journey with Google’s Tracker. The site is a lot more than just a Santa Tracker and is a lot of fun! Lucas asks to visit the site everyday and I’ve enjoyed it too!

When I wrote the post about the Google Santa Tracker, one reader, VirtuosoEric commented about another fun Christmas site created by Homeaway for those of you traveling over the holiday.

If you plan to be away over the winter break and want to let Santa know where you’re going, Homeaway’s Reroute Santa site can help.

On the site you’ll be asked your name, where you’re going and where you are from. You’ll also have to check off that you are over the age of 13. (If not, the site asks that you ask Mom or Dad to fill it in with you.)

Once you fill in the info, a quick video will lead to a personalized letter.


Although we don’t celebrate Christmas, I wanted to do a test to see just what a note from St. Nick would say.

The letter is very cool, adding a couple of personalized parts like your name and how the Reindeer GPS works everywhere! It also mentions how Costa Rica (that’s where we’ll be) has a great landing strip for his sleigh.

Once you’re done reading the letter you can save it and also share the Reroute Santa site on social media for others to enjoy.

If you’d like to let Santa know where you’re going to be over Christmas, you can do so here.


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