1,500 FREE Marriott Points, Cheapest US Cities To Visit, Airline Breaks Down 4X More Than Others, Caught at MIA w/ $191,000

Travel News

I’m always on the lookout for interesting news related to travel.

Here are some articles that I came across during the day that I felt were worthy of a share, especially if you’re trying to get the exhausting presidential election coverage off your mind!

Allegiant Air’s planes break down four times as often as other airlines. You might want to think twice before booking a flight with them…

Customs officials caught a couple of men traveling with $191,000 in cash at Miami International Airport which they did not declare. Sounds pretty suspicious if you ask me.

Thrillist writes about the Best US cities to spend a big weekend without going broke. There’s quite a few cities from this that I’d like to visit like Memphis, Houston, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, just to name a few.

Fodor’s tells us about 11 delicious food halls to visit in New York City. There’s some good ones on this list that I’d like to check out. I’d recommend Gotham West and Berg’n (in Brooklyn) which didn’t make the cut.

Many blogs wrote about this offer and I don’t know where I first heard about it so I can’t give credit where it may be due. Earn 1,500 FREE Marriott points for connecting Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

That’s all I’ve got.

Has anything travel-related caught your attention today?

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