Gold Star Family Booed While Leaving Plane

Gold Star Family
image: Matthew G. Bissanz

A Gold Star Family is claiming that they were booed on a plane “as they as they flew to meet his son’s body coming home,” according to FOX News.

A Gold Star Family is defined as “surviving spouses, parents and immediate family members of Armed Forces members killed in combat operations,” according to

Here are some details of what recently took place on the American Airlines flight.

Sgt. John Perry was recently killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan when he stopped the bomber before he reached his target. This act may have saved hundreds of other lives.

Stewart Perry and other family members were flying from Sacramento to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. They had a connecting flight in Phoenix. When the plane landed, the captain asked everyone to stay seated to allow the Perry family off first so they could make their connection.

Perry mentions that when they announcement was made, he heard some hissing and booing from behind.

What’s confusing is whether or not the passengers knew the family who needed to leave first were a Gold Star Family.

Perry says that he remembered the pilot saying “military personnel” (he told the Army Times) but he also felt they knew that there was a Gold Star Family onboard.  He even said how a passenger behind him asked if he “was the father of the soldier killed in Afghanistan“.

I don’t know about you all, but if I heard an announcement like the one mentioned above, I’d have no problem waiting for the military family to exit the plane. In my opinion, it’s just the right thing to do. How do you feel about this?

Find out more from FOX News here.

4 thoughts on “Gold Star Family Booed While Leaving Plane

  1. So unfortunate. I wonder if those first-class passengers are even aware that men and women like Sgt. Perry died so those passengers have the rights and freedoms to even fly places, let alone up-front. Such shameful behaviour. The Perrys did not deserve this. I also feel sorry for those American flight crew that tried so hard to accommodate this Gold Star family yet still had to witness this.

    And yes, I’m blaming the president-elect for this. He set the example his people are now living down to.

  2. Yeah it’s called being a decent human being. Regardless of military star status if the captain asks for you to please let someone who might miss their connection off first it costs you maybe 30 seconds and might not ruin their day. Someday you also might benefit from the same courtesy. Whoever was booing is nothing but an animal from my perspective!

  3. sounds like a plane load of “me first” types

    same types we see jumping the queue, and barging past someone in the isles that is putting their bag in the overhead storage.

    very bad behaviour indeed

  4. phoenix- It really is unfortunate but I don’t understand why you are blaming Trump for this…

    Ben O- Some good points…

    Mike Murphy- It does seem like when some people get on a plane they forget how to act.

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