Is Iran Smuggling Weapons on Mahan Air Commercial Flights

mahan air
image: wikimedia commons

Israel is alleging that Iran is smuggling weapons on Mahan Air flights to Lebanon, according to Business Insider.

The info, which was discovered by Israeli intelligence was shared by Israel’s ambassador to the UN to the Security Council. The info was cleared for publication yesterday.

Israeli UN Ambassador Danny Danon wrote a letter, telling the Security Council how Iran’s Revolutionary Guards get the weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Suitcases are filled with weapons, ammunition and missile technology which are then placed on Mahan Air flights.

The commercial planes fly to the airport in Lebanon or Damascus where they’re then sent to Hezbollah overland.

Business Insider writes that “Danon told the Security Council that Hezbollah possessed 17 times the number of missiles it did 10 years ago“.

It’s scary to think that a country could use a commercial plane to transfer weapons across borders. Hopefully they’ll be more on the story and we’ll find out whether or not Israel’s allegations are correct.

Find out more from Business Insider here.

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