Earn Up To 5,000 Bonus American Airlines Miles

American Airlines miles

One of the easiest ways to earn miles and points is by shopping through portals to purchase things we already planned to buy.

With the holidays fast approaching AAdvantage eShopping is offering a way to earn up to 5,000 bonus American Airlines miles!

Let’s take a closer look at the offer.

With the offer, the more you spend through AA eShopping, means the more you can earn.

Here is what you can earn:

  • Spend $150, earn 500 bonus miles
  • Spend $750, earn 2,500 bonus miles
  • Spend $1,500, earn 5,000 bonus miles

Some Rules:

  • The Holiday Bonus Campaign runs from now through 11/20 at 11:59:59 pm ET
  • The max bonus you can earn is 5,000 bonus miles
  • Bonus miles earned are in addition to standard miles earned for shopping through AAdvantage eShopping
  • Miles should post 8-10 weeks after bonus period ends.

You can also earn additional miles by shopping at stores on the shopping malls offering bonuses.

Some bonus offers include:

  • Macy’s- 10 miles per $ (instead of 3)
  • JC Penny- 10 miles per $ (instead of 3)
  • Neiman Marcus- 10 miles per $ (instead of 3)
  • Backcountry- 12 miles per $ ( instead of 4)
  • Walmart- 2 miles per $ (instead of 1)

If you’re interested in earning up to 5,000 bonus American Airlines miles, click here to find out more about the AAdvantage eShopping Holiday Bonus Campaign.

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