The Awesome French Onion Soup Burger at Little Prince NYC

Little Prince NYC

Earlier in the year I wrote about The Amazing French Onion Soup Burger at Le Rivage in NYC.

I’m a big fan of burgers and on my list of burgers to try in NYC there happened to be another restaurant serving a French onion soup burger.

Kim, Lucas and I headed over to Little Prince NYC to give their version of the French Onion Soup Burger a try.

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Little Prince is a cute little French bistro located in Soho. I made a reservation on OpenTable to earn some points.

a shelf with a picture and a speaker and a trophy

I immediately noticed a Best Burger plaque on a shelf on the wall. No, it wasn’t a NYCWFF Burger Bash champion trophy but they were recognized by Time Out NY in 2013.

When I sat down, I was a bit disappointed at first. I had come for the French Onion Soup Burger but it wasn’t on the menu. However, there was another burger in it’s place.

After voicing my displeasure to Kim, I figured I’d ask the waiter about the burger I came seeking out.

It turned out that the French Onion Soup Burger was available but was an off-menu and limited item. The waiter mentioned how popular it was during lunch time and they liked to keep it available to people that knew about it and came back for it.

a plate of food with a burger and sauce

The Little Prince NYC French Onion Soup Burger costs $20, not cheap for a burger and fries but also not the highest price you’ll pay for a fancy burger.

The burger comes dressed with gruyère, caramelized onions & dijon with hand-cut fries & garlic aioli.

The burger looked amazing when it arrived and I couldn’t wait to dig in!
a sandwich cut in half on a plate

There are a lot of flavors going on here but one truly stands out- French onion soup.

The gruyere is melty and stringy, kind of like you’d expect from the top of a bowl of soup. The onions were cut thin like I enjoy them, not huge chunks which can get in the way and fall out.

What I loved most about this burger was how juicy it was. And, when the juices came out on the plate they tasted like French onion soup. (Great for dipping the fries into!)

The English muffin that the burger comes served on is a great choice for holding all of the ingredients together helping it stay intact as one tasty, cohesive unit!

This burger blew me away. Kim gave it a try and also loved it. Lucas is becoming quite the burger lover too. He had a couple of bites and gave his review of more thumbs please! (Two thumbs up wasn’t enough!)

I know that I’ll be returning to Little Prince in the future for this burger masterpiece.

If I was asked who makes the better French onion soup burger in NYC, it would be a hard question to answer. I’d say, if you’re in Soho then go to Little Prince, in midtown, head over to Le Rivage!

Little Prince is located at 199 Prince Street in Soho, New York City.

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