Famous Singer Uses Airbnb!

Ron Pope

I’m not as much into music these days but I do like using Pandora at the gym and whenever I feel the need to hear some tunes.

With Pandora, I’ve come across a few singers or bands that I  most likely wouldn’t have come  across otherwise. One such artist that stands out is Ron Pope.

A month or so back some songs from Ron Pope were playing on Pandora so I typed his name into Google and found out some interesting info. The singer likes to use  Airbnb!

Ron and his wife Blair have their Airbnb profile since 2012.

I found it interesting that Pope didn’t try to hide the fact or at least share that he is a singer.

The profile mentions that Ron is a recording artist and Blair is a music manager, who run a music label together. When they aren’t on the road, they’re back and forth between Nashville and Brooklyn.

Some of their favorite places in the world are New York, London, Paris and LA.

There are 17 reviews of the couple’s stays. The reviews mention how Ron Pope is a great guest who they’d welcome back again.

One review from Colby mentioned, “If you host them and have the chance, ask Ron to play ‘White River Junction’, our favorite song of his 🙂“. I’m wondering if he did a private performance for Colby! Pretty cool if he did.

I wonder if other singers or actors use Airbnb while traveling on tour.

You can check out Ron Pope’s Airbnb profile here.

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