Mom of Unaccompanied Minor on Wrong Flight Suing JetBlue


A few weeks back I wrote about a couple of unaccompanied minors placed on the wrong JetBlue flights. Although the boys made it to their intended destinations on the same day, this was still a scary and confusing situation.

The airline tried to make right by the family and offered one of them a $10,000 gift which was not accepted.

Now the mom is suing JetBlue for negligence, according to Gothamist.

It isn’t known yet what the boy’s mom Maribel Martinez is looking to get.

The article mentions that “Martinez is seeking unspecified damages after her son Andy was placed on the wrong flight leaving the Dominican Republic and ended up at Boston’s Logan Airport when he was supposed to arrive at JFK.”

Martinez said that she thought that she would never see her son Andy again. Once she told JetBlue staff that her son was not on the flight, the airline brought over another little boy who was carrying Andy’s passport. She did not know who the boy was.

Gothamist mentions that “In her lawsuit, Martinez describes her experience as one of emotional distress, extreme fear, horror, mental shock, mental anguish and psychological trauma.”

The mistake was figured out in a few hours. The mix-up happened due to the two boys being mistaken for each other at the airport where they started out at in Santiago.

I’m curious to find out just what kind of compensation Martinez is looking to receive. While it must’ve been a very scary situation, JetBlue figured out where her son Andy was in three hours. In my opinion, $10,000 sounds like fair compensation due to the error.

What do you feel that Martinez and her son deserve from JetBlue due to this mixup?

Find out more from Gothamist here.

13 thoughts on “Mom of Unaccompanied Minor on Wrong Flight Suing JetBlue

  1. She’s just being greedy, I think fair compensation is JetBlue fixing their procedures and maybe one free flight.

  2. what to say about the sorry state of these people and the environment that breeds the kind of people/citizen? if the child is so important to her why leave it to an airline full of strangers? just because she paid some $ the business is supposed to babysit it? how about the airline suing her for inadequate parentship, stupidity, ignorance and greed?

    1. I agree. I think the monetary over was enough. It’s greedy people like these why our fares are so high. Jet blue and all other airlines should stop carrying these minors, then we’ll see what they’ll do.

  3. I agree about the greed, but there are certain things an airline just CANT do. The fact another boy walked up to her with Her sons passport is scary as can be. I do agree that the few hours of not knowing where her son is could be very traumatizing and that can’t be explained unless it happened to you. I personally wouldn’t sue, I’d takecthecconpebsation and request to be kept in the loop on how the airline would fix itself , but I can see how this is negligence and there are damages. And no I’m not a lawyer !!

  4. She is very greedy…in the first place that child should not on the flight alone…she need to be sued go her inadequate parentship. …she I’d greedy and need to sit and be glad to know her son return safe in her hand…right now she should be giving praise to the Almighty. …

  5. Alex- This sounds like a rational kind of compensation.

    Derrick- That might be a bit much but it would be an awesome thing to have!

    Mser- It does sound a bit like that to me too.

    E- Right but what is she suing for? Is it money or some sort of change in policy?

    Rich- It seems like greed to me too.

    Mirta Espinoza- Totally.

    DJ- Well most airline do offer the unaccompanied minor service… However, I can’t say that I’d use it for my kids and feel comfortable.

    L India Bur- It does seem greedy! And good point- maybe they shouldn’t offer the unaccompanied minor service anymore.

    Ryan- I like your plan to take the compensation and ask to be let in on what changes were made to avoid this mistake again. IMO- it sounds like the two kids swapped passports which led to the error.

    Andrea- LOL- the thing is that the service is offered (unaccompanied minor) so you can’t fault her for using it.

    Silver- Wow that would be nice- $10,000 per year would get them around 5 trips in Mint.

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