Delta Airlines Trying to Engage with Millennials In A New Way

delta airlines
image: Delta News Hub

Delta Airlines recently launched a fun, new way for iPhone and iPad owners to “connect with the airline“.

In Apple’s new iOS 10, there’s a new feature called iMessage Stickers. The airline is one of the first brands that was included in the release.

Think of the stickers like emojis, just that they’re only available to Apple users.

According to Delta News Hub, they “jumped on the opportunity in effort to engage with a key consumer market that likes to text: millennials“. Technology does sound like a fun way to engage with millennials and also others who are fans of texting while adding some fun travel icons.

Delta’s debut packĀ starts out with 21 stickers but more are planned to be added. Some stickers which can be used are airplanes, luggage, flight attendants, peanuts, pretzels, Biscoff cookies, various travel icons from around the world and more.

I haven’t downloaded the Delta Airlines iMessage sticker pack yet but I am curious to see what else they decided to include.

Are you interested in checking out this new feature from Delta?

Find out moreĀ about the Delta Travel Stickers here.

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