$5 uberPOOL Rides in NYC!


Uber’s become a great way to catch a ride with just a few clicks from your mobile device. The service can also get you where you want to go at times, cheaper than taking a more traditional taxi.

There are different kinds of Uber rides you can book. with uberPOOL being a more budget-friendly option. I used uberPOOL one time and ended up having the car to myself!

Now there’s a really sweet offer for uberPOOL rides in NYC.

If you use uberPOOL during commuting hours, all rides will cost just $5!

Here is how the offer works:

  • All rides must begin and end in Manhattan below 125th Street.
  • $5 rides are available Monday-Friday between 7-10 AM and 5-8PM.

To request a ride: (from Uber)

  • Set your pickup area and request ‘$5 POOL’ during rush hour in Manhattan below 125th Street.
  • You’ll be prompted to walk to a nearby corner to meet your driver for pickup. Along your route, you may be matched with others headed the same way.
  • You’ll be dropped off at a corner near your final destination. Corner pickups and dropoffs make routes more direct, so you’ll save time during your commute.

When requesting an uberPOOL you can bring a guest along for the ride just keep in mind that it will cost an additional $5.

So what do you think of $5 flat uberPOOL rides? I think this can be a very good deal for many people. I just wonder if this is really the best option for those of you in a hurry as we don’t know how long picking up/ dropping off other passengers may take.

Find out more about the $5 flat rate uberPOOL rides in NYC here.

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