WOW Air Offering Kids Discount for Limited Time


Budget airline WOW Air frequently offers bargain prices on flights to and from destinations in Europe.

The best deals with WOW are flights to Europe for just $99 each way. The only thing is that when you book with WOW Air, just about everything is a la carte- you’ll pay for checked bags, carry-on bags past a certain weight, seat assignments and more.

Regardless, you can still get a great deal on a flight to Europe.

Here is a way to save even more for a limited time if you’re booking a flight on WOW with kids.

WOW Kids from ages 2-11 can get 20% off their ticket when using a special promo code.

To get the discount, flights must be booked before midnight on Sunday September 25. The travel period for the promo is pretty lengthy. You can use the promo code on flights from October 1, 2016 through March 31, 2017.

Something to keep in mind: 20% off is discounted on the flight’s fare not the overall ticket price. There is no discount on taxes and service fees.

To Get the Discount:

  • Use Promo Code: WOWKIDS
  • Make sure to put in the code before doing your flight search
  • Once you do a search, 20% will automatically come off of the kids fare

Have you flown with WOW Air? I haven’t had the chance yet but would like to try the airline out at some point.

Click here to book a flight with WOW Air.

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