Shortest International Flight in World Starting Service Next Month

shortest international flight
image: wikimedia commons

Over the summer I wrote how Canada would soon have one of the shortest flights in the world. The flights which were supposed to start on September 15, will take passengers from Toronto to Niagara Falls in just 12 minutes!

Now FOX News reports on the “world’s shortest international flight” starting service next month!

The flight will be on Austrian airline, People’s Viennaline (Never heard of them, have you?) will fly from St. Gallen Switzerland to Friedrichshafen, Germany.

The new flight will fly just 12.5 miles and will take a speedy 8 minutes! The flight sounds a bit ridiculous but its part of a longer route which will fly from St. Gallen to Cologne, Germany.

This new flight will beat the old shortest flight by 2 minutes. The current record is a flight from Vienna, Austria to Bratislava, Slovakia. When Kim and I visited, we took the bus and it took around an hour. When you add in getting to and from the airport, plus boarding time, I can’t see how the flight saves travelers any time.

The new People’s Viennaline flight from St. Gallen to Friedrichshafen¬†will takeoff starting October 31 and will cost $45 one way.

I looked up the quickest way to currently go from St Gallen to Friedrichschafen and according to Rome2Rio, it’s possible to drive and take a car ferry in a little over one hour.

So is an 8 minute flight a better alternative to driving and taking the ferry? It might just be.

Find out more from FOX News here.

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