President Obama Will Be On Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown Next Week

President Obama

In May 2016 Anthony Bourdain dined with President Obama, having a cheap meal in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Bourdain and the president had a dinner which only cost $6 according to one of Bourdain’s tweets.

So when will the episode air on Parts Unknown? According to original reports, the episode was supposed to air in September 2016. Well that’s now and the month is half over so it was nice to see an air date finally listed.

According to Grub Street, “Watch President Obama and Anthony Bourdain Slurp Noodles in Vietnam” on September 25.

In the episode you can expect to see Bourdain teaching President Obama “how to properly eat bun cha“.

I’ll be taping this episode and am curious to hear what Anthony Bourdain and the president had to chat about. This should definitely make for a unique episode of Parts Unknown.

In other news, well non-news, there hasn’t been an update on the Anthony Bourdain Market which is supposed to eventually open in NYC. I definitely wonder if the market will ever open? I sure hope so…

Are you planning to watch President Obama on Parts Unknown?

Find out more from Grub Street here.

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