Earn 500 Virgin America Points In Under A Minute

Virgin America Points

I’m pretty sure that many of you have a decent Virgin America points balance due to the recent JetBlue- Virgin points match offer.

Here’s a way to add 500 Virgin America points and it will only take around a minute of your time!

Virgin Hotels wants to share their Dirty Little Secrets. 

If you sign up for Virgin Hotel’s newsletter you’ll be rewarded with an easy 500 Virgin America points! Sounds easy enough, right?

According to an e-mail I received about the offer:

“Get the “hook-ups” at Virgin Hotels with Exclusive Grand Opening offers from cities like New York, Dallas, Palm Springs, San Francisco and Los Angeles. And Virgin America is sweetening the deal with 500 bonus Elevate points.”

When signing up for the newsletter, all you need to provide is your name, e-mail address, Elevate account number and home airport.

Some Rules: (from the T&Cs)

  • Offer valid until September 30th, 2016.
  • Only one email address is allowed & only one set of 500 points will be awarded per Elevate number.
  • Bonus reward points earned in this offer do not qualify towards Elevate Gold or Elevate Silver status.
  • Please allow 10 days for your points to post from the promotion end date.

Find out more and sign up for the Virgin Hotels newsletter to earn 500 Virgin Elevate points in second here.

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