Tourist Gets Locked Inside Milan Cathedral Overnight

Milan Cathedral

One of the biggest problems with visiting popular attractions is that they’re busy. This is usually the case for good reason. Tourist trap or not, most busy sites are busy because everybody wants to see it…

Ever wish you could have a popular site all to yourself? It sure would be nice to get to see the site uninterrupted. There’d also be no chance of getting photo cock blocked!

An American tourist was visiting the Milan Cathedral and got locked inside!

According to T+L, “he was overlooked by security and locked in the Duomo cathedral in Milan this week while using the bathroom“.

The 23 year old man is from Illinois and has not been identified. He was relieving himself in the bathroom during closing and “shouted to security… but was not heard“.

The man spent the night on the roof! “He didn’t want to call the police for fear it would cause undue alarm“, according to T+L. (Maybe the roof of the cathedral could be a new option for Airbnb!)

A private security company, Veneranda Fabbrica is responsible for taking care of the Milan Cathedral and have increased security due to the situation. They’ve also asked for some help from the Milan police due to terrorists like ISIS attacking Christian sites.

What would you do if you were locked in at a site while visiting? I think that I’d call for help to get out ASAP!

Find out more from T+L here.

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