McDonald’s Testing Out Walk Through Lane

Walk through

McDonald’s is well known for the Big Mac, Happy Meals, Ronald McDonald and more…

While I rarely dine at McDonald’s at home, I try to visit whenever I go to foreign countries to see what kind of locally- inspired menu items might be offered.

A big convenience of McDonald’s is that its fast food and they also offer drive-through service.

What if you’re walking by and don’t feel like going inside the restaurant? What if you’d like to get walk through service? 

Walk through service is currently being tested at one McDonald’s location in the UK!

(As a side-note, I want to mention that back in high school I did try to ride my bike through the drive through and was denied service. In college, some friends and I tried to walk through a Burger King drive through and we were also denied…)

According to the McDonald’s UK policy, the drive through is for people in motor vehicles only- due to health and safety policies.

According to Grub Street, one McDonald’s in Llandudno, Wales “now specifically dedicates one drive-through lane to foot traffic between the hours of 2.30 a.m. and 4 a.m. as a way of inviting particular clientele to come and enjoy a meal at the restaurant after their nightout“.

The walk through started testing recently and has been a big hit! Management would now like to make it a “permanent late night feature“!

So what do you think? Is walk through service at fast food restaurants a good idea? I think it makes a lot of sense, especially for late night partygoers!

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2 thoughts on “McDonald’s Testing Out Walk Through Lane

  1. This isn’t the first McDonalds walk-through. There’s one on Regent Street in Madison, WI. It’s located right off of the UW Madison campus and caters to people heading home from the bars after the inside of the restaurant closes. The window just has a limited late-night menu.

  2. Rob- Very cool. Is it a drive through lane or just a walk-up window? I’ve seen McD’s walk-up windows at shopping outlets etc. This is talking about a drive through lane being used for walk through!

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