German Tourists Sneak Into the Colosseum at Night

image: wikimedia commons

When Kim and I visited the Colosseum in Rome during one of our trips to Italy we were totally amazed by this ancient site.

Like just about anyone visiting the Colosseum, we found it was pretty busy inside and out. We also spent New Years Eve outside, watching fireworks go off all around.

Wouldn’t it be cool to get a site like the Colosseum all to yourself?A couple of German tourists thought so and “scaled the Colosseum under the cover of night and explored the monument“, according to an article from T+L.

The Germans even uploaded a video of their visit to Youtube where they “are seen illegally scaling the nearly 160-foot walls of the 1,900-year-old Colosseum and wandering around late at night—all without ever being caught by security“.

You’ve got to wonder how secure these historical treasures are in Italy if people could just sneak in and wander around without issue.

Its safe to say that similar visits (break-ins) have occurred at other famous sites.

The German tourists “were part of an urban exploration group called Visual Enemies, which pairs athletes and cinematographers to create extreme perspectives and stunning views by scaling historic architecture throughout Europe“.

Find out more & check out the Youtube video (which is definitely interesting) at T+L here.

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