Is Airbnb Worth $30 Billion?


Airbnb is an amazing place to look for accommodations when you’d like more options than traditional hotels, motels or hostels can offer.

We really loved the site from the moment we tried the service out. Check out a review of our first stay from 2012 which was in Singapore.

Thanks to Airbnb, people around the world have opened their doors to guests, offering whole homes or even just a bedroom in their apartment!

Many of these properties can be quite unique in one way or another. There are unique options, like igloos and tents. You can also spend a night in celebrity homes, castles, yurts or pubs. This might just be the most artsy and unique Airbnb property. (You can even stay in NYC for a super-low $39 per night!)

As you can see, I am definitely a fan but should the company be valued higher than traditional hotels which actually own properties? I’m definitely not a finance guy but I’d think that the obvious answer would be no. However, technology has loads of value…

According to Bloomberg, Airbnb “is raising $850 million, according to a disclosure filed with the state of Delaware…The equity round values the San Francisco-based company at $30 billion“. WOW!!! $30 Billion Dollars! That’s $30,000,000,000!

The article also says that the filing doesn’t mention who the investor(s) are.

Bloomberg mentions that “Airbnb has been restrained about how much capital it takes on compared with ride-sharing company Uber Technologies Inc.” Both companies are grouped together due to when they were founded and also due to (kind of) how similar they are.

Overall, Airbnb has raised close to $3.2 billion, while Uber has raised over $15 billion!

Crazy stuff! Do you find it hard to believe that both companies are valued at such high amounts?

Find out more from Bloomberg here.

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