Lufthansa Selling Seats on Airbnb


I’ve written about many interesting Airbnb listings in the past but a new one which Kim sent me an article about has got to be the most interesting (maybe a better word would be surprising).

There is a bargain Airbnb in NYC where you stay in the a taxi van. This may have been the most artsy and unique Airbnb ever.  Here are some other unique options.

How would you like it if your one night stay came with a flight on Lufthansa?

With a current offer, you can spend a night starting in New York City and wake up in the morning in Frankfurt!

No, this isn’t a time warp or anything of that sort. It turns out that Lufthansa is listing/ selling a NYC to Frankfurt flight through Airbnb. The flight, in premium economy goes for $885 which includes taxes & fees.

Quartz mentions that “Lufthansa isn’t just being cute by tapping the Airbnb platform. It’s trying to fill its planes“.

Getting creative isn’t a bad thing and maybe it will sell some seats on Lufthansa flights.

Lufthansa’s listing is pretty funny actually. The title is “Luxury Awaits Above the Clouds”.

From the Lufthansa listing: “Our cabin isn’t in the woods, but in the sky! Personal food and beverage service at 910km/h. Multimedia entertainment is included in our Lufthansa Premium Economy Seat from Frankfurt to NYC and WiFi is available. Includes return flight“.

So what do you think- can Airbnb be a new way for airlines to sell seats on their planes? It certainly sounds gimmicky to me but who knows, maybe it will work to help sell some seats.

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