United Airlines Rough Landing, Plane Ceiling Panels Came Down

United Airlines
image: wikimedia commons

A recent rough landing during a United Airlines flight caused some damage to the interior of the plane. Luckily none of the passengers were injured.

The flight was heading from Houston to Newark, NJ when some ceiling panels came down when the Boeing 767 landed.

United Airlines Flight 557 had issued when it went to land on Tuesday, May 31. T+L wrote that passengers reported the plane “bounced before the pilot jerked the plane up to cancel the landing entirely“. The Port Authority reported that the plane did in fact “touch ground, but needed to take off for a re-landing.”

When the plane went to land again, it supposedly hit the runway even harder. In a video taken by one of the passengers you can see that some of the plane’s ceiling panels came down, exposing wires. Flight attendants checked passengers and are seen trying to keep the panels in place as they dangle from the ceiling.

Luckily no injuries were reported and “the plane is now out of service and in maintenance.”

This sounds like it was a pretty crazy (and scary) flight, well at least at the end. I can’t imagine a plane touching down to only go and take off again and then to top it off, see parts of the plane’s ceiling hanging inside.

Find out more from T+L here.

3 thoughts on “United Airlines Rough Landing, Plane Ceiling Panels Came Down

    1. No, they did not compensate me or apologize. It was on a flight from Washington DC to San Francisco. I have a picture of the dangling piece of panel.

  1. I had an experience recently where in the last seat of the plane a panel came down and hit my head. Not as bad as this but scary.

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