Food Review: Shake Shack’s Bacon CheddarSHACK

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When I heard  that a new burger option would be added to the Shake Shack menu on June 3rd, I had to head over to give it a try.

Last night, Kim, Lucas and I headed to the Shake Shack on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, NY to try out the new Bacon CheddarSHACK!

Some of you might ask what the big deal is about Shake Shack adding a bacon cheeseburger to their menu. The thing is that just about any item we’ve tried at Shake Shack has been awesome so the odds were pretty good that this wouldn’t be just an ordinary bacon cheeseburger.

Here is a review of the new Bacon CheddarSHACK.

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The Bacon CheddarSHACK can be ordered as a single or double patty. The new burger comes topped with Niman Ranch bacon and Wisconsin aged cheddar cheese sauce (which is different from the cheese sauce used on the fries).

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A single will set you back $6.89, with the double coming to $9.69, definitely a bit pricier than your regular ShackBurger. (A single is $5.29, double $8.09).

For $1.60 extra, you’re getting bacon and a cheddar cheese sauce on your burger instead of a slice of regular American cheese.

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When I took my first bite of the burger I was definitely impressed.

The biggest flavor which stood out (besides the burger itself) was the tasty bacon. It’s quite impressive and makes the burger well worth trying.

The cheddar cheese sauce added a nice subtle flavor to the burger which I also liked. However, I would’ve liked for it to have been a bit sharper. The cheese also added an awesome creaminess due to its form as a melty sauce.

I typically like ketchup on my burger or Shack sauce when I’m dining at Shake Shack. However, when I tried ketchup for a bite, I found that it really wasn’t necessary. It actually took away from the flavor, masking the taste of the yummy bacon as well as the cheddar sauce.

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One thing I noticed on my burger was that there either wasn’t enough cheddar sauce or it wasn’t distributed evenly. (I love cheese so I think a more generous amount should be added in the future.)

If you look at the photo above, you’ll notice that a good chunk of my burger had no cheese on it at all! Since we ordered our cheese fries with the cheese on the side, I added a bit of it to this part of the burger. I noticed that this cheese sauce overpowered the bacon on the burger. I now understood why a special cheese sauce was created for the Bacon CheddarSHACK.

Overall, the Bacon CheddarSHACK is a nice addition to the Shake Shack menu.

Are you interested in giving the Bacon CheddarSHACK a try? I’ll be ordering it again at some point!

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