Man Travels the World With An Awesome Sign!

travels the worldYesterday I wrote about a man traveling the world with his pet chicken. Definitely not the most likely travel partner, but a chicken does make for a great story and conversation piece!

Some of you may have realized that I like signs, especially funny one that I come across during my travels. Check out some Ridiculous Street Signs here.

I just came across the story of a man who travels the world with a pretty interesting (and somewhat funny) sign.

27 year-old Jonathan Quinonez of Brussels is letting his mom know that he is fine by sharing some fun photos on Instagram. Mashable says that  the “account is used specifically to check in with his mom every few days“.

After quitting his job to travel the world, Quinonez was in Cuba and had a hard time contacting his family. He came up with a fun solution to the problem.

travels the world

He opened up an account on Instagram called @momimfine. The account gets updated every few days with a photo from a different location. In each photo is a sign that says- Mom I’m Fine!

The photos shared on Mashable were taken in Cuba, skydiving in Mexico, with a monkey in Costa Rica, scuba diving in Panama and more!

I don’t know about you, but this is one of the more creative Instagram travel accounts I’ve come across since another I came across in November.

Do you like checking out or sharing your travel photos on Instagram? I started using the site in recent months and it’s definitely a fun way to share photos.

Find out more about @momimfine from Mashable here.

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