Apple Maps Adding Exciting New Feature!

Apple Maps

Besides using my Garmin GPS on a few international trips in recent years, I never use my GPS. When I need directions, I turn to my iPhone.

The iPhone comes pre-loaded with Apple Maps which I never use although that might change soon thanks to an exciting new feature being added.

I used to use Google Maps on my phone but I’ve been turning to Waze much more thanks to their traffic camera alerts.

So why might I start using Apple Maps? Well, to be honest it won’t be for the driving direction. I’ve read that they’ve improved but I’m much more interested in using Apple Maps to remember where I parked!

According to Tech Crunch “a new feature coming to Apple Maps in iOS 10 will help people remember where they parked their car.”

This new parking reminder feature “will automatically drop a pin to locate the car’s stationary location when a journey terminates somewhere other than the user’s home address.” That sounds like an awesome feature that I could definitely use, especially on those days when I’m extra tired!

You’ll also be offered the option to get directions to your car as well as the estimated time it will take to get there. If the pin dropped for your car doesn’t seem to be accurate, you’ll be able to edit the pin location.

Could this new feature convince you to start using Apple Maps? I could see using it when I’m visiting a new city.

There will also be a bunch of other interesting additions to Apple Maps which you can find out about from Tech Crunch here.

7 thoughts on “Apple Maps Adding Exciting New Feature!

  1. This sounds interesting, but how does Apple Maps know the difference between when you stop in a parking lot and when you stop at a red light?

    If it’s just a matter of opening the app and selecting a button when you park to drop a pin, is that any different than just dropping a pin on your current location in Google Maps?

    Not trying to be cynical, just feeling like maybe I’m not seeing the new feature clearly.

  2. Funny, when I read the headline, I thought you were referring to my favorite new feature – the ability to delete the app from my iPhone. Sorry to be a hater, but I’m really happy that I will soon be able to delete the stock apps.

    1. Yes – So I don’t understand the fuss over Apple Maps adding this. Unless it’s an offline capability.

  3. It sounds like a good idea until you try using your iPhone and/or smart phone GPS in an enclosed building. It works great in a open air parking lot to pinpoint your car. It will make you more frustrated than happy in a parking garage.

  4. Jeff- That’s a good question. TechCrunch mentions it “will automatically drop a pin to locate the car’s stationary location when a journey terminates somewhere other than the user’s home address”.

    Chris Bastian- There is no mention of this but that would be a nice feature!

    Bullfrog23414- Funny! I feel that way about many of the stock apps too!

    Craig- Interesting but I’ve never noticed Waze remembering where I park. Is there something we need to do to activate the feature?

    Left Handed Passenger- I guess we’ll see how it works…

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