Actress Selma Blair Removed From Plane on Stretcher for Outburst, Apologizes

Selma Blair
image: wikicommons

Selma Blair, an actress probably best known for role in the movie Cruel Intentions was taken by stretcher off of her flight returning  to L.A. from Cancun. Blair was removed for   “allegedly having an outburst on the flight,” according to Yahoo News.

She was traveling with her four year old son and her ex when the situation took place.

Blair was flying in first class having a glass of wine when witnesses say she started crying and talking about fears regarding a man. The situation was blamed on mixing prescription meds and alcohol.

Yahoo reports that she said bizarre statements like “He burns my private parts. He won’t let me eat or drink. He beats me. He’s going to kill me.”

A couple of nurses took care of Blairs and checked her bag for pills. Before landing, the pilot alerted ground crew that Blair was mixing prescription meds with alcohol.

After the flight, she was taken to a local hospital.

ABC News reported that Selma Blair apologized for “causing the disturbance“. She released a statement to Vanity Fair saying that she was under the influence and said things she didn’t mean. Blair said that mixing alcohol and medication caused her to “say and do things I deeply regret“.

Talk about a crazy story and something Blair expressed shame for having done.

Next time you’re taking prescription meds, you might want to think twice about drinking alcohol. Who knows how things will turn out or what you might say?

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