Another Update On Upcoming Anthony Bourdain Market

Anthony Bourdain Market

Anthony Bourdain is a hero (so to speak) to many of us that love travel and food.

He gained fame and notoriety thanks to his books (I’ve read Kitchen Confidential) and his TV shows, No Reservations which aired on the Travel Channel and Parts Unknown which currently airs on CNN.

There’s been lots of buzz surrounding a new project coming to NYC from Anthony Bourdain, a massive, international-style food hall.

The market was originally supposed to open in 2015 however its now set to open next year.

The new Anthony Bourdain Market will be located at Pier 57 in NYC. There’s been a couple of updates related to the project which you can read about here and here.

Since the last update about the market, things have been pretty quiet in terms of updates.

However, we did learn about:

So now for the latest update on what’s going on with Bourdain Market.

Eater mentioned that Bourdain was on the cover of AdWeek for being one of the most influential people in food. He was also interviewed by AdWeek. In the article, he mentioned that while the food hall is some time away from opening, “we’ve got to get it right“. I’d agree based on all of the hype it’s received! 🙂

Here’s one of the more interesting pieces of info shared in the interview.

The food hall is taking so long to put together due to visas, which need to be obtained by all of the international vendors. He also mentions these vendors will need time to either train people in NY or bring people from their countries.

Along with this info, Bourdain said that he hoped that the market would still open in 2017.

It looks like there is still some time to go before the new food hall opens. Hopefully the wait is worth it and it becomes a huge success.

Are you interested in checking out Bourdain Market when it opens?

Find out more from Eater here.

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