Woman Gets Into Disney World with 22 Year Old Ticket

Disney World

Disney World is definitely not a budget travel destination. If you’re looking to visit for 1- 2 days, you’ll probably be spending $100 plus per day. Ouch!

One woman recently got into Disney World for a bargain price (so to speak) by redeeming part of an unused ticket from 1994!

Chelsea Herline visited Disney when she was four years old. She visited for three days until she got sick, not being able to visit for the final day of the pass.

Her father recently found the old ticket and realized there was one day left. Herline decided to find out if the ticket would still be valid 22 years later and it was!

Herline mentioned how she wasn’t expecting the ticket to be valid so she didn’t bring anyone with her. The girl at the ticket counter was surprised at how old the ticket was. She called the manager over to make sure the ticket could be used and to Herline’s surprise she got in and enjoyed a full day at Disney World!

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3 thoughts on “Woman Gets Into Disney World with 22 Year Old Ticket

  1. Good to hear that a huge company like Disney Parks honors its commitment by not applying an expiration date where one presumably didn’t exist.

    An added surprise is that she was a 4 year old child when the ticket was issued but used the last day as an adult. But I doubt you can do that with current tickets or passes as they have a last entry date.

  2. Old tickets seldom had expiration dates. Now I don’t even think you can pay extra to remove the expiration – they all expire if unused. And are non transferable (which was always the case but was difficult to enforce)

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