The One Place Anthony Bourdain Won’t Eat…

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Anthony Bourdain- superstar chef, author, traveler, TV star and founder of an upcoming NYC food hall will be going on tour soon in the fall.

For the majority of Bourdain’s commitments he needs to travel, especially by plane. It’s also safe to say that Bourdain loves food and eating.

I’ve seen him eat some very tasty- looking foods and also eat some funky looking items while watching his shows.

So where is the one place he wouldn’t eat?

On an airplane!

Bon Appetit recently interviewed Bourdain where he opened up about a variety of things.

  • When asked if he eats plane food, Bourdain responded “Never. No one has ever felt better after eating plane food. I think people only eat it because they’re bored. I don’t eat on planes. I like to arrive hungry“.
  • What if you’re on a super-long flight? Bourdain’s responded that he’d rather order cheese and drink myself stupid.
  • When asked if it’s OK to bring food on a plane, he said that “If you want to be the most despised person in the cabin, bring some good barbecue on and have everybody in the plane smell it… “

Now I’m not saying that plane food is so great, but I don’t find it to be nearly as bad as Bourdain makes it out to be. I actually tend to not mind the food. This might be due to low expectations, I really don’t know.

What do you think about airplane food? Love it, hate it or don’t mind it?

Check out Anthony Bourdain’s full interview with Bon Appetit here.

2 thoughts on “The One Place Anthony Bourdain Won’t Eat…

  1. So for those 15 hr flights..he eats nothing? That would make me sick especially with turbulence. Flying on an empty stomach isn’t smart. Unless he brings something on board..

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