A Couple of Tasty Menu Items at McDonald’s Poland

McDonalds Poland

Lucas and I recently got back from our 1st Father Son Trip. We headed to Poland and visited a couple of cities- Krakow and Warsaw.

We had a great time during our visit. Find out about 11 Things I Learned from My 1st Father Son Trip and 8 Things I Learned from Visiting Poland.

During the trip we had some tasty, local food but there was one place that Lucas and I had to visit, McDonalds Poland!

Some of you might be thinking why or gross. At home I rarely ever visit McD’s but when traveling,  I always have to stop in to see if there are any local or unique menu items. It’s also a real treat for Lucas since we never really go at home.

On previous trips I’ve visited (and wrote about) McDonald’s in:

After joining a walking tour around Krakow’s Old Town, we visited a McDonald’s for lunch. I was happy to see a couple of items that I’d never seen before at any other McD’s.

Here are the items I tried at McDonalds Poland.

Item #1Swojskie Lodeczki Z Sosem Smietanowym which translates to Familiar Boats
with Cream Sauce.

McDonalds Poland

These boats looked like potatoes which were pumped up or something like a potato wedge.

McDonalds Poland

With the first bite I was impressed. The potato boats were crispy on the outside and full of potato on the inside. I much preferred them to the french fries but Lucas would disagree here.

The cream sauce was similar to sour cream. It went well with the boats but was nothing special really.

FYI- I wasn’t sure if these potatoes had anything to do with Poland at first but I assume that they do. While dining out at a Polish restaurant in Krakow, we were served potatoes that looked almost identical to these McD’s boats.

a fast food box on a table

Item #2- Spicy Chicken Strips “Zasmakuj Z Jakosci” Taste the Quality

a box of fried chicken nuggets

The menu had a few chicken options including the spicy chicken strips which looked pretty good. Before ordering, I asked if they were very spicy- they’re not.

My order came with three strips which seemed like a decent size. The first thing I noticed were the little pepper flakes mixed into the breading.

a hand holding a piece of food

I took a bite and really enjoyed. The crust was good with the pepper flakes adding some mild heat. The chicken itself was really tasty. I’m pretty sure it’s real chicken. (Take a look at the photo above and you’ll see what I mean.)

These spicy strips were better than any nuggets I’ve ever had at a McDonald’s. They reminded me of the Chicken Selects that McDonald’s used to offer, just better and less greasy.

The one complaint I’d have is that McDonalds Poland doesn’t offer any sauces with the chicken strips.

Overall, the two local menu items at McDonald’s were both pretty tasty. It’s just too bad that McD’s didn’t offer a nice traditional Polish food like pierogies!

Do you like to visit McDonald’s in different countries around the world? If so, what would you consider one of the better local dishes that you’ve tried?

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7 thoughts on “A Couple of Tasty Menu Items at McDonald’s Poland

  1. Guilherme- Any favorite items? I’ve also probably tried McD’s in 40-50 countries- only wrote about the ones listed above. I’ve also tried some decent local fast food chains!

  2. I do the same, always trying the unique itens in the menu. I think I had McDonalds in 40+ countries

  3. Bill- Thanks and glad you like them. I would like to visit one of the Create locations. Do you have a favorite international location/ menu item that you’ve tried?

  4. Great McD reviews. You should try their “Create Your Taste” locations in the US. You can add free things like guacamole and grilled mushrooms for free. I also like trying them in every country. Generally, the only place I’ve been disappointed is China where the quality is quite poor.

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