Dine In A Prison, One of the Most Popular Restaurants in Italy

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image: Franklin County Prison

In January 2015 I wrote about the new “in” place to dine in the UK, prison!

Three popular restaurants are open to the public in British prisons. And now it looks like another country is following the lead by offering a great dining experience behind bars.

Close to Milan, the InGalera Restaurant is located inside of a medium security prison. The “chefs are inmates” and it’s “booked up to two months in advance” according to T+L.

The restaurant opened in October after a dorm for prison guards was converted to teach 1,200 inmates catering skills.

T+L mentions that InGalera is a place where diners can expect things that would be found at top restaurants like white tablecloths, great wine and dishes like rabbit and veal filet.

Besides good food and the allure of eating inside of a prison, another benefit is that the prices are quite reasonable!

And for those of you wondering what the name of the restaurant means, InGalera means “in prison” in Italian. Creative, right!

Would you be interested in eating at InGalera? I would!

Find out more from T+L here.

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