JFK Airport Opens Pet Relief Area

JFK Airport
image: wikimedia commoms

Sometimes you just gotta go…

Back in February a flight was diverted when a man urinated on another passenger. Most recently, a drunk man peed on the floor during an American Airlines flight.

Did you know that Lonely Planet has a toilet guide?

Now dogs will be getting their turn at the airport. To use the bathroom that is…

The AP reports that dogs are getting airport bathrooms!

At JFK Airport in NYC there is a special bathroom just for animals. “Pet relief facilities are being installed at major air hubs across the nation“.

The pet bathroom, located in Terminal 4 is a 70 square foot room featuring a fire hydrant and “a patch of artificial turf” according to the AP. There’s also “a dispenser of plastic doggie bags and a hose” so you could clean up after your pet so it’s ready for the next pet to use.

The main benefit of the pet bathroom is that the owners don’t need to go outside of the airport so the animals can do their business.

While this idea sounds a bit odd and maybe even a little ridiculous, it really is a smart idea which will make bringing your pet to the airport a bit easier.

Find out more from the AP here.

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