Anthony Bourdain Going on Tour This Fall

Anthony Bourdain
image: CNN

Anthony Bourdain is a very busy man and is about to get busier in the fall.

Bourdain took a financial stake in the site Roads & Kingdoms (and is also editor at large), he’s busy planning his upcoming food hall in NYC and let’s not forget about his TV show on CNN, Parts Unknown.

Next up after the summer will be a tour, appropriately called “The Hunger“.

According to Eater, the tour is scheduled to visit 15 US cities and Toronto starting in October. The tour coincides with his latest book, “Appetites: A Cookbook“. It will be Bourdain’s first cookbook in years.

Eater mentions that the tour is described as “an unyielding, brutally honest monologue reflecting on diverse culture, street cuisine and his travels to lesser-known locations around the world.”

The show sounds pretty interesting and something that I’d love to attend. I think one of the coolest part of the show is the question and answer session after the shows.

Eater mentions that the tour will start off in New York City but when I looked over the schedule that was listed in the article, it appeared that the tour would debut in Boston?

Tickets will be available by pre-sale starting May 2 and open to the general public on May 20. You can register to receive a pre-sale code here.

Would you be interested in seeing Anthony Bourdain’s live show?

3 thoughts on “Anthony Bourdain Going on Tour This Fall

  1. They updated the page and you can buy tickets, but it looks like for NYC, it’s just a book signing and not the show. That totally sucks.

  2. Ang- It’s a show based on the description. Not sure he is even signing books after. I’d also expect Bourdain to be at a big theater not B&N- who knows… I’d love to go but I could only imagine what the price will be + the timing isn’t best for me!

  3. So is it more of a show + book signing afterwards? Or is it a book signing disguised as a show? The event at B&N is throwing me off. Doesn’t seem like the space is big enough? The only thing I can think of is the floor where the cafe is and them clearing that space.

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