New Parents Can Put Airline Status On Hold with This Airline

image: wikimedia commons

Many people work hard to earn airline status to enjoy the added benefits. (Think upgrades, early boarding & free checked bags…)

Unless you have lifetime status, your airline loyalty most probably only lasts for one year unless you re-earn it.

One airline has come out with a new program for new parents called the “Parental Pause” status hold.

The new program, offered by Qantas is available to both moms and dads.

With Parental Pause, “new parents maintain their silver, gold, or platinum status for up to 18 months, regardless of how much they can travel during that time,” according to T+L.

In addition to the program being open to new moms and dads, it’s also available to adoptive and foster parents.

Qantas members are eligible as long as a new baby is on the way in the upcoming three months or if a baby was born during the previous six months. This option is available two times in a span of five years.

It’s nice to hear about how Qantas is doing things to help traveling families/ parents out. Could more airlines follow and start offering a similar program?

What are your thoughts on Qantas offering to put airline status on hold to new parents? I think it’s definitely a nice gesture/ idea.

Find out more from T+L here.

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