4 Month Old Infant Dies During Cathay Pacific Flight

Cathay Pacific Flight
image: Aero Shots

A four month old baby girl died during a Cathay Pacific flight over the weekend, according to an article from FOX News.

This awful tragedy took place as the plane was flying from London to Hong Kong. No foul play is suspected and the baby supposedly suffered from a gastrointestinal disease.

The baby became unconscious and the parents immediately notified the cabin crew. A fellow passenger who happened to be a nurse tried giving first aid to the baby.

The plane made an emergency landing at Almaty Airport in Kazakhstan. While medics were there to help, the baby was pronounced dead soon after the landing.

The absolutely worst flight ever… According to the article, The “mother – believed to be a 36-year-old Chinese-French national and father continued the journey to Hong Kong with their dead child“.

I can’t imagine the pain and agony that the couple went through and “Fellow passengers said they were emotionally distraught during the rest of the flight“.

Find out more from FOX News here.

4 thoughts on “4 Month Old Infant Dies During Cathay Pacific Flight

  1. I was on this flight. It felt bad, but most pax (luckily – in retrospect) had no idea what happened until it hit the news. When I read about it I understood the medical team’s and FA’s faces and the captain’s voice much better…

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