Woman Wins $1,000,000 at Las Vegas McCarran Airport

Las Vegas McCarran Airport
image: Twitter

Earlier this evening, I had the news on and came across a story of something awesome that happened at the airport.

Las Vegas McCarran Airport has lots of slot machines and one lucky player hit a big jackpot last week!

On the news segment that I watched, it mentioned that a woman won a $1,000,000 jackpot just before boarding her flight. (I think she was flying American Airlines.) I immediately wondered/ assumed that she skipped her flight to claim her prize.

I did a search online, hoping to get more information about the story but couldn’t find many details. However, I did come across a short article from USA Today.

McCarran Airport shared news of the big win through Twitter. The tweet (check it out above) mentions that “a lucky local won $933,080 on Wheel of Fortune slots this week at @LASAirport“.

While I’m not much of a gambler, on my first trip to a casino when I was 21, I did well playing the Wheel of Fortune slots. I won $250 on a bet of $1.

USA Today mentions that two winners won at least $1 million at the airport last year. The biggest prize was $1.7 million.

Do you plan to give the Wheel of Fortune slots a try on your next trip though McCarran Airport?

Find out more from USA Today here.

One thought on “Woman Wins $1,000,000 at Las Vegas McCarran Airport

  1. Not bad considering the slots at the airport with captive folks can’t be all that “loose” as they say.

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