2nd Issue of Lonely Planet Magazine Arrives!

Lonely Planet Magazine

I’ve mentioned in the past that Lonely Planet is my preferred and favorite choice when choosing a guidebook. (Yes I still buy/ read them for most trips.)

Back in November 2015 I wrote about a new product that I was excited to take a look at. Lonely Planet Magazine hit the newsstands in the US as a quarterly offering for the first time.

Now the second issue has arrived. Let’s take a look at what we can expect to find inside.

Lonely Planet Magazine is an over-sized magazine. (It’s a bit wider than your average magazine.) The article topics vary quite a bit and you can expect some nice, high-quality photos inside too.

Here is what you’ll find inside LP Mag issue 2:

  • An interview with actor and award-winning travel writer Andrew McCarthy. (I went to a presentation given by McCarthy at the NY Times Travel Show a few years back and it was very interesting. I’d expect the article to be too..)
  • A how-to cruiseinfographic on how to get the most of on-shore time
  • Essential Family Travel Gear  (There are some interesting products suggested. I’d definitely recommend the Fjallraven Kanken pack for little ones.)
  • Lonely Planet’s Top Places to Visit in the U.S.

Features like:

  • 10 New Ways to Fall in Love with New York
  • What to Eat in Seattle
  • Two Sides to Argentina
  • Iceland’s Magic Circle
  • ‘Great Escapes’ article on Sicily
  • A cruising feature
  • Amazing Places to Stay (which lists 6 of the hottest tech-savvy hotels)

So what do you think? Are you interested in checking out the new issue of Lonely Planet Magazine? If so, which articles are you most interested in reading?

If you’ve already read issue 1 of LP Magazine, let us know your thoughts on the new offering.

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