Fuku Chicken Coming to Citi Field! Let’s Go Mets!

Fuku Chicken

Just a few days back I wrote about the New York Mets getting a new pizza option from Danny Meyer.

I already feel that Citi Field has a great selection of food options. Adding pizza from Danny Meyer is a nice addition that I’m looking forward to trying out. Now there is news of another big (food) name coming to the stadium!

With the recent announcement of new food offerings at Citi Field this season, the author of this book should definitely rewrite the section about the Mets!

Over the summer I wrote a review of David Chang’s Fuku Chicken sandwich served at his fast casual restaurant Fuku.

Since then, Fuku has expanded to 3 locations in New York City (including Fuku+).

I’ve been wanting to try Fuku chicken again but haven’t had a chance. (When we head into the city, odds are more likely that we’ll go to a sit down place rather than a fast casual concept.)

I just came across an article from Eater about a fourth location of Fuku opening up at the home of my favorite sports team, the New York Mets! Fuku will have a location inside Citi Field!

Since I already have tickets to three games this season, I’ll definitely be hitting up the Fuku stand!

According to Eater, the Citi Field Fuku menu will include:

  • Spicy fried chicken sandwich
  • Fuku fingers
  • Fries
  • Milk Bar cookies
  • possibly more!

The stand will be located “on the First Level Concourse, adjacent to Section 102“.

What I’m wondering now is if Shake Shack at Citi Field will consider adding their ChickenShack! (Check out my review of the ChickenShack here.)

Could a chicken sandwich war be brewing at the ballpark? Stay tuned!

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