Climate Change Report Says NYC Could be Underwater by 2100

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I came across an interesting article from Time Out New York recently which mentions that NYC might be in danger of being underwater in the not so distant future.

If you’re hoping to check out the Big Apple, I would’t worry about the city disappearing in the next few years. You definitely have some time since the report states that this awful situation could occur by the year 2100. 

European science journal, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics says that climate change could be accelerating much faster than it was previously thought.

Sea levels could rise so much that coastal cities like NYC, London, Rio and Shanghai could be overtaken by water.

According to the article, “Without a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emission, the Earth’s climate is currently on track to warm by 2 degrees“. Time Out’s article also mentions that we could be handing young people a situation that will be out of their control…

Scary stuff…

Find out more from Time Out NY here.

4 thoughts on “Climate Change Report Says NYC Could be Underwater by 2100

  1. Meh – wasn’t New York City already underwater in 1975 when its lawyers were in the State Supreme Court filing a bankruptcy petition?

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