JetBlue Inflight Game Day Super Bowl Specials

Super Bowl Specials

While I’m not a big football fan anymore, I’m still looking forward to watching the Super Bowl tomorrow evening. I’m rooting for the Broncos and would like to see Peyton Manning win the second championship of his brilliant NFL career.

If you’re lucky enough to go to the big game, could you imagine spending $8,500 on a Super Bowl Airbnb rental?

Airbnb has also had a big impact on the San Francisco- Santa Clara area.

JetBlue is offering a couple of inflight Super Bowl specials on game day.

If you’re flying Sunday, February 7, 2016 JetBlue will be offering an additional free snack!

Super Bowl Specials
image: Snyders

While I tend to go with Terra Blue chips when I fly with the airline, during game day you can enjoy a football-related snack. JetBlue will be offering Snyder’s of Hanover Hot Buffalo Wing Pretzel pieces.

I enjoy Snyder’s pretzel pieces from time to time and usually go with the Honey Mustard & Onion variety.

JetBlue will also be offering a beer special!

Enjoy a $1 first beer at kickoff during the flight. This is a nice little savings considering alcoholic beverages range in price from $6-$9.

JetBlue’s current beer options include:

  • Angry Orchard Hard Cider
  • Brooklyn Brewery Lager
  • Bud Light
  • Harpoon Brewery UFO White
  • Heineken
  • Samuel Adams¬†Boston Lager

So who is your pick to win Super Bowl 50? And if you’re flying JetBlue, what is your snack and drink choice?

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