Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #12: Potty Humor- Barbados

Funny Street Signs

One of the things that I’m always on the look out for while traveling is something that I like to call Ridiculous Street Signs.

I’m sure many of you have seen a sign in a foreign country and laughed, wondered what it meant or even just shook you head and thought what?!

Some of these signs might not be so ridiculous to locals but to a foreigner they can cause a laugh and become the subject of a photo or two. Maybe they’re just lost in translation…

I recently received an e-mail from my friend and fellow BoardingArea blogger Rene of Rene’s Points. Rene has long been a fan of my ridiculous signs and has contributed a few in the past. (Thanks Rene!)

Well now Rene has another good one to share. He came across the sign during a week-long trip to Barbados.

(FYI- This has nothing to do with ridiculous signs but some of you might like to know that the first trip Lucas went on was to Barbados at less than 3 months old. Now he’s been to 30 countries, reaching the milestone before turning 4 years old!)

Funny Street Signs
image: Rene’s Points

I was curious to find out a little bit about Rene’s photo so I sent him a few, short questions .

MWWhen/ where did you spot the sign?
Rene– It was at a pizza place in Barbados near the airport. It also has a tiny bar and did light breakfast service as well.

MWWhat was you and your wife’s reaction when you saw the sign?
Rene– Well they had all sorts of, let’s just say, interesting posters and such around the bar. When I see a bartender, at 9:30AM mind you, getting a BANKS BEER I understood the need for the sign! 😉
MW: Good Point!

MWIs there anything else of importance that you’d like to add?
Rene– Barbados is a unique place that I’m covering in a series of posts right now (shameless plug). I could have included a bunch more but this one was one of the best and who doesn’t giggle over bathroom humor right?

Rene, I couldn’t agree more. A bunch of my other ridiculous signs just so happen to deal with potty humor too!

Thanks again Rene for spotting and sharing this sign! For those of you interested in checking out Rene’s Points, you can do so here.

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