Wyndham Rewards Credit Card Bonus Offer for 1/1-3/31 2016

Wyndham Rewards

It seems like there’s been a lot of bonus offers from the Wyndham Rewards credit card in recent months.

I received a not so lucrative offer this month. There was also an offer to receive 15,000 bonus points for a 2 night stay. One offer that I did take advantage of gave me 10,000 bonus points for completing a certain amount of spend for 3 straight months. My 10,000 bonus points appeared recently, kind of…

I just received an e-mail from my Wyndham credit card with a bonus offer to start off 2016.

With this new offer I can earn bonus points for using my Wyndham card in three categories.

Wyndham Rewards

I can earn an additional 2 points per $ spent for purchases made at:

  1. Supermarkets
  2. Movie Theaters
  3. Utilities (including electric, gas, water, television and telephone)

With the bonus I’m actually earning 3X points per $1 for a limited time.

Some Rules:

  • The offer must be activated by February 15, 2016 to earn the bonus. (I activated the offer right away since there’s nothing to lose in doing so.)
  • The bonus is capped at 2,500 bonus points so to earn the full bonus I’d have to spend $1,250 within the promo period.
  • Bonus points will post 6-8 weeks after the promo ends.

I find this to be a solid offer but not one that I’d consider maxing out. I might spend (don’t laugh) $5-$10 at a supermarket since I need a few miles to get to my next free night points amount.

Did you receive this offer from the Wyndham Rewards credit card? If so, are you planning to earn the bonus or do you find it underwhelming?

2 thoughts on “Wyndham Rewards Credit Card Bonus Offer for 1/1-3/31 2016

  1. Would this bonus not be 4 points per dollar? You get 2x bonus points per dollar normally so 2 points per $1. Then in the categories you get 2x more, so that would end up being 4 points per $1 in those categories.

    That is what I’m thinking anyway, I could be totally wrong here though!

  2. I did not receive this, but could burn through half of it for utilities naturally, or prepay utilities to claim it all. I’m 7500 off of a another reward night so I’d be motived.

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