JetBlue, Official Airline of the Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics
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Back in September I wrote about JetBlue becoming the official airline of the New England Patriots.

I also wrote about American Airlines being the official airline of two sports teams, MLB’s Chicago Cubs and the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers.

I’d consider JetBlue to be a New York airline but could they be looking to take over the Boston/ New England region too?

In a press release that I received a couple of days back from JetBlue, it was announced that “JetBlue Tips-Off As Official Airline of the Boston Celtics“.

The five year partnership will start off with a sweepstakes where one fan and a guest can follow the Celtics with a trip to San Francisco with Mint service.

There will also be a Top 5 Plays of the Week feature on and a variety of community initiatives related to the environment and local youths.

The deal will include “joint marketing promotions an advertising. Elements will include online advertising, e-mail marketing and video features, as well as contests, and giveaways for Celtics fans“.

Now I want to know if a partnership is in the works between JetBlue and the Boston Red Sox!

Find out more about the JetBlue- Celtics partnership here.

2 thoughts on “JetBlue, Official Airline of the Boston Celtics

  1. Umm, JetBlue has been the official airline of the Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots, and now the Celtics. You may want to revise your column

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