A McDonalds Menu Item in Japan I’d LOVE To Try

McDonalds Menu 
image: McDonald’s Newsroom

I’ve written many times in the past about how I love to check out McDonald’s around the world but rarely visit McD’s at home.

I have a few reasons for visiting McD’s when traveling. The main reason is that I love to see what local menu-items might be available in each country. The other reason is that a visit to McD’s for Lucas is like a treat. We don’t really go at home but he loves getting a toy. Also they usually have free Wifi which comes in handy when abroad. (Surprisingly, the McD’s locations we visited around Japan did not have Wifi.)

Here are some countries that I’ve visited McDonald’s and wrote about:

During our trip to Japan a few years back, I was quite impressed by a couple of the local menu items in McDonald’s.

A few days back I heard about a new item coming to the menu of McD’s around Japan on the radio. It was mentioned more so as a joke. I have to say that it does sound pretty strange but also might be pretty tasty and something that I’d like to try.

Starting January 26, the fries at McDonald’s around Japan are getting “the ultimate chocolate makeover“.

McChoco Potato will debut combining McDonald’s famous french fries with two kinds of chocolate sauces- chocolate with cacao flavor and white milk chocolate.

The item will be available for a limited-time and will combine salty and sweet.

I can totally see this working. I’ve dipped fries at Shake Shake into a chocolate concrete or shake many times so this seems like a similar idea.

McDonald’s Newsroom mentions that this isn’t the first time that McD’s Japan offered a different kind of french fry option. They’ve previously offered Shaka Shaka Potato Fries, topped with cheese sauce or bacon.

Would you be interested in trying McChoco Potato if it was offered at a McDonald’s close to home?

Find out more from McDonald’s Newsroom here.

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1 thought on “A McDonalds Menu Item in Japan I’d LOVE To Try

  1. I actually love your McDonalds posts. I was in Thailand recently and I saw an ad for a mango pie and it made me think of your posts on this.

    Anyways, my favorite “local” McDonalds treat is macaroons from the Mcd’s on the Champs Elyssees (think it is the only one who serves them, but could be wrong). They are only like 60 cent each compared to probably 2 euro at the high end patisseries and they taste almost as good.

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