10,000 Wyndham Bonus Points Appear Kind Of…

Wyndham credit card

Over the summer I wrote about a targeted 10,00 bonus points offer from the Barclaycard Wyndham credit card.

With the offer, all I had to do was spend $250 or more each month for August, September and October. This sounded easy enough and worth getting 10,000 bonus points for.

Considering a free night at any Wyndham property goes for 15,000 points, this offer would get me 66.66% of the way there!

I made sure to do the required spend for each of the three months and then put my card away since I wouldn’t be using it afterwards.

To be honest, I thought about the bonus a couple of times but more or less forgot about it.

However, I usually save the offer mailers until a bonus posts. Last night I was going through a stack of papers and came across the Wyndham Rewards 10,000 bonus points offer.

I then updated my Wyndham Rewards account in Award Wallet and did not see the bonus added. I then logged into my Wyndham account, still no bonus!

I was curious what was taking so long. Maybe I had to pay the bill when it was due before my points would post…

There was one last place to check to see what was going on- barclaycardus.com!

I logged into my account and immediately saw a great message.

So it appears that I did earn my 10,000 bonus points, they just haven’t made it to my Wyndham Rewards account yet! I’m not sure when I’ll use my points so it’s really no rush but I’d still like to see them post as soon as possible.

Did you receive a bonus offer from the Wyndham credit card? If so, did you earn the offer?

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