Why Can’t I Register for US Bank FlexPerks Gogo Benefit

US Bank FlexPerks

A couple of weeks back a new perk came out from US Bank where some FlexPerks cardholders could get 12 Free Gogo Inflight Wifi Sessions. When I saw that my account qualified, I decided to run a Gogo giveaway.

Since receiving the offer, I got lazy and held off on activating it. I then tried to do so a couple of days in a row only to receive error messages stating that my card wasn’t eligible!

This was pretty odd considering I received two e-mails from US Bank about the Gogo offer.US Bank FlexPerks

I knew that my account qualified for the Gogo benefit so I had to figure out why I was receiving the error.

I called up US Bank’s 24 hour card member services number (877-978-7446) to find out what the problem was.

The rep wasn’t too sure of this new perk but was happy to help me solve the problem. He looked through the terms and couldn’t figure out the issue. Then after a couple of times on hold, he had figured it out.

Even though I did receive e-mails to activate the Gogo benefit there was one thing keeping me from being eligible for the moment and it is actually listed in the terms. Like the rep mentioned, according to the terms, “you must have made at least one net purchase (purchase minus credits and returns) in the past 12 months prior to registering for the benefit“.

So it turns out that I haven’t used my US Bank FlexPerks card in over a year. This strikes me as a rather odd part of the eligibility terms considering I did pay my annual fee and receive two e-mails telling me to activate this offer.

The good news is that all I need to do is make a purchase with my FlexPerks card to qualify but I might have to wait 2-3 weeks to activate it. (I’ve since done the purchase requirement.)

If you have a US Bank FlexPerks card and haven’t checked to see if you qualify for the Gogo offer, you can do so here.

2 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Register for US Bank FlexPerks Gogo Benefit

  1. It might also be helpful to your readers to point out that this was only available for the Flexperks VISA card and not the Flexperks AMEX card.

  2. I got the mailing last year about this, tried enrolling but kept getting bombed out on the online registration. Tried calling Visa, they told me to call GoGo. Called GoGo, they told me to call Visa. Got pingponged back and forth three times, finally got fed up and held up a customer service agent at GoGo who then got her boss on the line. He then proceeded to berate me and the phone conversation quickly became a shouting match. I then flat out asked him, “It certainly seems like this program doesn’t even exist ?” … his reply was “You’re certainly welcome to believe that”. GoGo’s not so great with customer service, it seems. Got another mailing last week from Visa, tried again and got the same bombouts on the website. Called Visa and the rep was very polite and apologized profusely but then explained that the rollout of this program was a disaster and that a lot of customers are having issues, but that the program is administered by GoGo. He advised me NOT to call GoGo, but instead try their online chat function, apparently some customers got resolution that way. Will try it, but not expecting any miracles.

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