Delta Airlines Won’t Let Pets Fly As Checked Bags

Delta Airlines
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For those of you that travel with pets, it’s going to get a bit harder and pricier to do so when flying Delta Airlines.

According to the AP, Delta is going to stop allowing passengers to check their pets as baggage next year.

These changes will be implemented starting in March. Larger animals will have to fly with Delta’s Cargo Service. One of the problems with this is that by using cargo services, it’s most likely going to cost more than checking a pet as baggage.

The AP points out that it “can also be less convenient since the pet may not be shipped with a customer’s flight“. Talk about a pain in the you know what!

As long as dogs and cats can fit into a carrier under a seat, they can still fly with their owners for a fee. Service and emotional support animals will still be allowed to be checked as baggage as well as the pets of some military members.

The article points out that United doesn’t allow pets to be checked as baggage.

Find out more from the AP here.

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