Club Carlson Credit Card Retention Offer? Possibly

Club Carlson credit card
image: US Bank

The Club Carlson credit card’s second night free benefit was one of the most generous perks out there we received for having a credit card. When the offer was coming to a close, it sure was a sad day.

When news came of Club Carlson’s second night free benefit ending, I redeemed 304,000+ points for future trips. Since then, many of us have received a small amount of points and a free night certificate to make up for the loss.

When the $75 annual fee came up for my Club Carlson personal card, I had an important decision to make- keep it or close it.

I thought it over and waited until the last day to make a decision, although it may not be my final one.

I called up customer service and explained that I was considering closing my card due to the annual fee and a major loss of benefits over the past months. The rep said that she didn’t have a way around the annual fee. She also mentioned that the only way to waive the fee was to cancel the card.

I was then told an interesting piece of information. She said that there wasn’t a manager in but a request could be put in to see what offers might be available. However, I was also told that there might not be any offers!

This sounded interesting although I’m not counting on much being offered. A manager is supposed to review my account and contact me in 7-10 days.

The rep also said that even though I went ahead and paid the annual fee,  I could still close the account and get a refund.

I figured that there was nothing to lose by having someone review my account. Maybe they’ll thrown me some bonus points or another free night! Somehow I doubt this will happen but I might as well find out.

If you have a Club Carlson credit card do you plan to close it due to the loss of the second night free benefit or do you still feel it’s a card worth holding onto?

5 thoughts on “Club Carlson Credit Card Retention Offer? Possibly

  1. I’m keeping mine for now, ive received the free certificate after multiple calls, and finally got my 30,000 points for a stay by sep 1st using the club carlson card. Ive had issues dealing with club carlson because they would always claim they dont know anything and you need to call the card issuer.

  2. I’m keeping both the business and personal. The second night removal was extremely painful, but the 40,000 points more than offset the annual fee. That’s about a 2 night stay in a business class room in Budapest per card.

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